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REPORTING TO:     Works under the direction of the KLA Leader – Science

APPOINTMENT:      Part time, ongoing

CLASSIFICATION:  PVCC Enterprise Agreement 2020

About the college
Plenty Valley Christian College is a Kindergarten to Year 12, co-educational Christian College of approximately 820 students.  We are one College with four sub-schools, Kindergarten, Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

The College is set in a magnificent rural area with spectacular views to the ranges. Plenty Valley Christian College is committed to developing high quality effective Christian education and is an active member of a national network of Christian schools in Australia known as Christian Education National. We are committed to the establishment of a close partnership with parents in the education of their children. Our aim is to offer quality education with a fully integrated Christian worldview, develop a strong sense of community amongst the students, parents and staff with every staff member playing a role in the pastoral care of the students. PVCC offers the respected Arrowsmith Program.

The person (key selection criteria)
Staff at Plenty Valley Christian College are selected based on outstanding professional and personal qualities.  Expectations include:

  • a commitment to a relationship of faith and obedience to God that is lived out in both personal and communal aspects of life. This would be evidenced by a clear understanding and acceptance of the deity and redemptive work of Christ for them personally, ongoing commitment to living out a Christian lifestyle as described in the College statement of faith, commitment to private and corporate worship, prayer and Bible study and regular involvement with a Christian church community or fellowship group.
  • the ability to model the values and character qualities of biblical Christianity within the school community
  • a demonstration of high standards of personal presentation, organisation, communication with other staff and parents, and in respecting the ethos and protocols of the college
  • a commitment to developing and maintaining a child safe culture in the college
  • a clear sense of calling and desire to work within a Christian environment
  • demonstrated customer focus attributes, including the ability to respond promptly and courteously to a diverse range of service needs in a courteous manner
  • ability to manage time and prioritise tasks to achieve set outcomes.
  • demonstrated knowledge of computer skills, including basic Windows, Microsoft Office, internet and email
  • ability to provide basic information to a culturally diverse public
  • advanced capability in the operation and use of office equipment
  • current working with children check is mandatory


Staff at Plenty Valley are selected on the basis of outstanding professional and personal qualities. Expectations include:

  • Qualifications and experience commensurate with the level of responsibilities and remuneration.
  • Skills and competencies to effectively perform the role as outlined in this Position Description.
  • A clear sense of calling and desire to work with and teach students within a Christian school.
  • The ability to model the values and character qualities of biblical Christianity in their personal life and within the College community as part of their professional duties.
  • A demonstration of high standards of personal presentation, preparation, communication with other staff and parents, and respect for the ethos and protocols of the College.

The role

Science laboratory staff work in partnership with science teaching staff in providing effective learning outcomes for students of science at Plenty Valley Christian College. Science laboratory staff require effective communication skills and must have the ability to relate well to both students and staff. Science laboratory staff should have the capacity to take on responsibility and work independently and should possess a very high level of organisational skills.

Science laboratory staff provide technical support to the science faculty and possess qualifications and/or skills which are relevant to science. The services of science laboratory staff should therefore be utilised solely for the purposes of science within the science faculty.

Science laboratory staff should not be in sole charge of students, except in emergency situations.

Under the direction of the Science KLA Leader, science laboratory staff provide technical support to the school’s science faculty in a range of areas, with particular emphasis on:

  • The timely preparation of laboratory equipment and materials for science classes.
  • Employing safe work practices in the science laboratory by applying Occupational Health and Safety legislation.
  • Safe storage and disposal of chemicals and biological residues in accordance with regulations.
  • Safe storage of laboratory equipment and materials.
  • Specialist cleaning of laboratory equipment and laboratory preparation areas.

The science laboratory staff work in partnership with science teaching staff in providing effective learning outcomes for students at Plenty Valley Christian College. Under general direction and instructions, they are expected to perform responsible tasks associated with the efficient operation of the science laboratory. Science laboratory staff exercise significant initiative and work independently with little supervision. They perform duties as directed by the Science Coordinator and prepare laboratory requests from science staff. Satisfactory work progress checks may be carried out and all science issues must be directed to the Science Coordinator.

The key responsibility areas

Typical duties of Plenty Valley Christian College Science Laboratory Technician:


  • Liaise with science teaching staff on their needs for practical work and maintain an efficient system for use and allocation of materials and equipment, setting a priority system where necessary.
  • Assist science teaching staff in instructing students on use/care of equipment.
  • Advise and assist science teaching staff in safety matters relating to the science laboratory.
  • Set out equipment and materials for classroom/department use clear classroom demonstrations.

It is expected that the Science Laboratory Technician is given adequate notice by teaching staff to prepare for activities. Where inadequate time is given, and demands on the Science Laboratory Technician dictates that time is inadequate, they made may need to state that the practical exercise is postponed to a later date.

The Science Laboratory Technician is responsible for performing the following preparation and maintenance task in the laboratory:

  • Assist with security of science laboratory and equipment maintain an inventory of equipment and annual stocktaking.
  • Keep a record of the consumables used regularly and maintain adequate supplies of them (including chemicals).
  • Acquire relevant catalogues and price lists.
  • Order equipment and chemicals in consultation with Head of Science assist with labelling, storage, stocktaking and ordering of equipment and chemicals.
  • Keep appropriate records of purchases, confirming safe arrival of all products.
  • Service and clean simple laboratory apparatus/equipment.
  • Follow maintenance procedures for laboratory equipment and organise maintenance where required.
  • Report damages to equipment and arrange repairs.
  • Create and maintain chemical and equipment data bases maintain a clean and organised science preparation area.

3.      CARE

  • C are for flora and fauna within the science department, in accordance with current handling and prevention of cruelty regulations.
  • Collect and maintain living specimens (in accordance with regulations).
  • Collect off-campus scientific materials and field materials maintain MSDS/RAS records
  • Have current First Aid training.
  • Be responsible for the cleaning of all equipment used in experiments and disposed of wastes generated.

4.      LIAISON

  • Liaise with organisations and industries for purpose of acquiring equipment, etc.
  • Liaise with companies regarding excursions/use of materials.
  • Liaise with other schools to share resources.
  • Liaise with sales representatives.

5.      BUDGET

  • Assist with the science budget and petty cash system assist with record keeping.
  • Evaluate and select equipment, and make recommendations for purchase to Science KLA Leader.


  • Science laboratory staff are not to be in sole care of students, except in emergency situations.
  • Science laboratory staff are not responsible for the general cleaning of floors, desks, sinks, shelving and windows with in the laboratories.
  • Unless support is requested by teaching staff after a particularly messy practical exercise e.g. dissections.

Knowledge, experience and skills

  • Effective communication skills and the ability to relate to both students and staff.
  • Demonstrated capacity to take on responsibility and work independently.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Competency with reading instructions.
  • Efficient research skills to seek out new technologies and/or resources for staff.
  • Related qualifications to Laboratory Staff or a willingness to undertake further training.

Personal characteristics

  • Demonstrates a passion and commitment to the vision and values of Plenty Valley Christian College.
  • Presents a professional and positive demeanour and is a solution orientated person.
  • Displays empathy, enthusiasm, commitment and is highly motivated to contribute.
  • Possesses a strong work ethic.
  • Exercises ownership and concern for quality of own work reflected in accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Operates effectively in a collaborative team environment; establishes a rapport and builds strong relationships.
  • Is flexible and has an ability to adapt and operate effectively in an engaging and evolving environment. Shows a strong commitment to deliver exceptional service.

Compliance responsibilities

All staff are required to comply with all policies, procedures and requirements for:

  • Risk management – report identified hazards that may pose a risk to employees or the public, and/or may give rise to an insurance claim, taking into consideration the risk for safety, security, vandalism, burglary/theft and fire/arson.
  • Child Safety – staff are required to adhere to the child safe policies and protocols in relation to matters of child sexual abuse.
  • Occupational health and safety – take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of others in the workplace – it is a requirement to immediately report any incidents, hazards or near misses to the relevant supervisor and actively participate in hazard elimination where required.
  • Equal opportunity – undertake work and activities in a manner that ensures the workplace is free from harassment, bullying behavior and discrimination.
  • Code of conduct and dress code – comply with all standards.

The terms, conditions and other obligations of your employment are covered under the Plenty Valley Christian College Enterprise Agreement 2020.

To Apply for this position: 

Applications should be emailed using the correct form “Employment Application Form“ located on the College’s website Work With Us – Plenty Valley Christian College – Private Christian School Melbourne (  to , or by post to: Personal Assistant, Plenty Valley Christian College, 840 Yan Yean Rd, DOREEN 3754 no later than  5.00 pm Monday 22 November, 2021.

Applications will not be considered without the following three items completed.

Please submit:

  1. Cover letter outlining your suitability for this position addressed to the Principal.
  2. Completed Employment Application Form (from the PVCC website).
  3. Current CV.

To apply for this job email your details to

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