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REPORTING TO:     Principal

APPOINTMENT:      Part time, ongoing (sessional kindergarten)

CLASSIFICATION:  PVCC Enterprise Agreement 2020

About the college
Plenty Valley Christian College is a Kindergarten to Year 12, co-educational Christian College of approximately 820 students.  We are one College with four sub-schools, Kindergarten, Junior Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

The College is set in a magnificent rural area with spectacular views to the ranges. Plenty Valley Christian College is committed to developing high quality effective Christian education and is an active member of a national network of Christian schools in Australia known as Christian Education National. We are committed to the establishment of a close partnership with parents in the education of their children. Our aim is to offer quality education with a fully integrated Christian worldview, develop a strong sense of community amongst the students, parents and staff with every staff member playing a role in the pastoral care of the students. PVCC offers the respected Arrowsmith Program.

Plenty Kids is our Early Learning Centre with a vision to be a Christian learning community with the creative and responsive mind and spirit of Christ.

Staff at Plenty Valley Christian College are selected on the basis of outstanding professional and personal qualities. Expectations include:

·       Appropriate training and experience for their role.

·       A clear sense of calling and desire to work with and teach students within a Christian school.

·       A commitment to a relationship of faith and obedience to God that is lived out in both personal and communal aspects of life. This would be evidenced by a clear understanding and acceptance of the deity and redemptive work of Christ for them personally, ongoing commitment to living out a Christian lifestyle as described in the College statement of faith,  commitment to private and corporate worship, prayer and Bible study and regular involvement with a Christian church community or fellowship group.

·       The ability to model the values and character qualities of biblical Christianity in their personal life and within the College community as part of their professional duties.

·       A demonstration of high standards of personal presentation, preparation, communication with other staff and parents, and respect for the ethos and protocols of the College.

·       A commitment to ongoing development and maintenance of a Child Safe culture within the College.

Position objective
·       Develop and provide a high quality, developmentally appropriate educational program (based on an approved curriculum framework) for the children at Plenty Kids Early Learning Centre in consultation with the principal, director and the parents of children attending Plenty Kids Early Learning Centre.

·       Provide educational leadership while working as a member of a collaborative service team.

·       Operate in a professional manner at all times and ensure that the service meets the requirements of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Kindergarten Guide; Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010; Education and Care Services National Regulations and functions in line with approved policies, procedures and the Quality Improvement Plan of Plenty Kids Early Learning Centre.

Key Responsibilities

General responsibilities
·       Be responsible to the ELC director for the development and delivery of the programs for which they are responsible.

·       Undertake all responsibilities and activities associated with being an Early Childhood Teacher, and act within the requirements of that position, the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

·       Act in accordance with the authority delegated by the principal and ELC director in dealing with situations of an urgent nature requiring immediate action, ensuring compliance with the Act and the Regulations.

·       Operate within the requirements of the service’s policies and procedures, as well as funding and regulatory requirements.

·       Operate within the limits of the service budget allocation.

·       Be actively involved in the development and implementation of the Quality Improvement Plan of the service.

·       Encourage enrolments and provide relevant written information and referrals in accordance with the enrolment policy and procedures, as specified by the principal.

·       Respect the confidentiality of information relating to parents and children, and comply with the service’s privacy policy.

·       Other duties as directed by the ELC director from time-to-time.

Specific responsibilities


·       Develop, in consultation with parents and educators, an educational program that is appropriate to the individual developmental needs and interests of the children. The program will be based on an approved curriculum framework, reflect the service’s philosophy and policies, the needs of the community, and be culturally appropriate.

·       Display the educational program, updated every week.

·       Develop, record and maintain specific objectives (learning aims) for individual children based on regular written observations across all aspects of the child’s development and share this information with parents as appropriate.

·       Link specific objectives for individual children into the program plan.

·       Complete Transition Statements in accordance with funding requirements.

·       Provide a healthy, safe and welcoming environment and ensure that children are supervised at all times.

·       Discuss with relevant service staff, such as the co-educator, the educational program, needs of families and children attending the service so that they can carry out their duties effectively.


·       Actively encourage parental involvement in developing and implementing the program at the service.

·       Provide regular information about the program, the operation of the service and child development for parents in the form of newsletters, posters and notices.

·       Communicate with parents on their child’s development and progress at the service.

·       Ensure that new families are appropriately enrolled and orientated at the service.


·       Be responsible for the day-to-day supervision of employees performing duties related to the group/s for which the position is directly responsible.

·       Hold or attend regular staff meetings, within paid time, to facilitate effective communication, internal staff development and discussion on management and programming for the service. The frequency of staff meetings will be determined by the ELC Director, from time-to-time, following consultation with the staff.

·       Provide leadership while working as a member of a cooperative team and encourage employees who are involved in the program to contribute to the planning and implementation of the educational program.

·       Share housekeeping tasks of preparation, packing up, hygiene, and safety related to the program, with other staff.

·       Work cooperatively with the principal and all staff to ensure the service operates in a safe work environment and that employees follow safe work practices.

·       Participate in an annual performance review and development process.

·       Keep abreast of current issues relating to the provision of children’s services and liaise with relevant early childhood services and other professional services and organisations within the community.

·       Comply with the professional development requirements of the PVCC EA 2020 as requested by the principal.

·       Assist with the induction of new staff.

·       Participate with the ELC director in the formal performance appraisal of employees for whom the position is responsible.

·       Adhere to all service OHS safety procedures.

Accountability and Extent of Authority
·       The early childhood teacher is directly accountable to the ELC Director.

·       The early childhood teacher has the authority to take such action as is necessary to ensure that the health and safety of children and their families are maintained within the service and on approved activities outside the service.

·       The early childhood teacher is responsible for making recommendations to the ELC director on matters relevant to the educational program and its impact on the operation of the service.

Essential Skills and Competencies
Specialist skills and knowledge
·       Have a sound understanding and knowledge of early childhood development and education.

·       Have a sound understanding and knowledge of legislation governing the operation of children’s services.

·       Ability to develop, document and implement a high quality, developmentally appropriate education program for kindergarten children in consultation with relevant stakeholders.

·       The ability to plan, work and manage time effectively with minimal supervision.

Interpersonal skills
·       Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to communicate effectively with the principal, parents, other staff and professionals.

·       Ability to work in a cooperative, flexible and professional manner with children, parents, staff and the principal.

·       Well-developed leadership and self-motivation skills.

·       Ability to ensure confidentiality of information.

Essential requirements

·       Qualifications suitable for an early childhood teacher under the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010, Education and Care Services National Regulations and the DEECD Kindergarten Guide

·       Be registered as a teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). VIT registration is to be valid and renewed/maintained during the course of employment

·       Must be able to fill the position of Nominated Supervisor as required under the Education and Care Services National Regulations, or be nominated as a person in a leadership position or with responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the service.

·       A current Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) approved first aid, emergency asthma management and anaphylaxis qualification, in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Regulations and service.

Compliance Responsibilities
All staff are required to comply with all policies, procedures and requirements for:

Risk management – report identified hazards that may pose a risk to employees or the public, and/or may give rise to an insurance claim, taking into consideration the risk for safety, security, vandalism, burglary/theft and fire/arson.

Occupational health and safety – take reasonable care to protect their own health and safety and the health and safety of others in the workplace – it is a requirement to immediately report any incidents, hazards or near misses to the relevant supervisor and actively participate in hazard elimination where required.

Equal opportunity – undertake work and activities in a manner that ensures the workplace is free from harassment, bullying behaviour and discrimination.

Code of conduct and dress code – comply with all standards.

The terms, conditions and other obligations of your employment are covered under the Plenty Valley Christian College Enterprise Agreement 2020.

To Apply for this position: 

Applications should be emailed using the correct form “Employment Application Form“

located on the College’s website Work With Us – Plenty Valley Christian College – Private Christian School Melbourne (pvcc.vic.edu.au)  to employment@pvcc.vic.edu.au , or by post to: Personal Assistant, Plenty Valley Christian College, 840 Yan Yean Rd, DOREEN 3754 no later than  5.00 pm Monday 22 November, 2021.

Applications will not be considered without the following three items completed.

Please submit:

1. Cover letter outlining your suitability for this position addressed to the Principal.

2. Completed Employment Application Form (from the PVCC website).

3. Current CV.

To apply for this job email your details to employment@pvcc.vic.edu.au.

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