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Position:                                 Learning Support Officer (LSO)

Accountable to:                   Secondary Student Support Coordinator

Assistant Principal – Head of Secondary (overall)

Major Relationships:        Head of Junior Secondary

Time Fraction:                      Two roles, Four to five days per week, student days only.  Fixed term contracts with possibility of ongoing. Positions to commence Term 1, 2022.

Application Information:

Applicants are invited to provide a concise curriculum vitae including personal details, church involvement, career experience, academic attainments and addressing the criteria listed in this Position Description under Essential Duties and Responsibilities.  Three referees are required to be listed, including one church reference demonstrating an active faith.

Applications which will be received as advertised until Monday, 25 October 2021 and should be marked ‘2022 Learning Support Officer’ and sent via email to: employment@donvale.vic.edu.au

Please note that the College does not accept unsolicited agency approaches.  We expect candidates to apply directly.

Donvale Christian College:
Donvale Christian College is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne having opened in 1975. The current enrolment is over 1500 students from Prep to Year 12 and the total number of employees is approximately 200.

Donvale Christian College is governed, as provided for in its Constitution, by the College Board. The Board are elected by the members of the College. The full range of Christian denominations is represented in the parent body of the College. There is no position on the Board elected or appointed by any single church community. The Board is totally elected by the membership of Donvale Christian College Ltd. The Principal is appointed by the Board and together they appoint staff.

Because members of the Donvale Christian College community come from many different Christian faith traditions, and to ensure a sense of harmony between home and School, the College has adopted a Statement of Faith based on a Christian worldview. All parents and Staff are specifically asked if their faith commitment is echoed in the words of this Statement of Faith and they are requested to indicate agreement when applying for the enrolment of their children or employment at the College.

Staff members are expected to actively support the Christian aims of the College. Membership of a Bible based worship community is one of the criteria that has to be satisfied to successfully gain employment.

The College is committed to promoting and protecting the interests and safety of children. We have zero tolerance for child abuse. Everyone working at the College is responsible for the care and protection of children. All potential employees and volunteers will be required to comply with the College’s Child Safety Code of Conduct and the College’s Child Protection and Safety Policy. Applicants are required to provide a valid Working With Children Check/VIT and will be subject to background checking in accordance with this policy.


The role of the LSO is to provide learning support to students in the secondary school.

College requirements

All staff are required to:

  • Perform their responsibilities in a manner which reflects the College’s mission, objectives and philosophy. In particular, staff are expected to role model an active Christian faith that will be demonstrated in part by an active involvement in the wider Christian Church.
  • Be Christian role models and examples to all people associated with the College.
  • Participate in leading College devotions that involve staff and students and attendance at the staff retreat.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

To ensure that support students have every opportunity to be independent and autonomous learners, it is important that the LSO:

  • Encourages and supports students to do as much as they can for themselves.
  • Ensure that students do not become over reliant on support.
  • Establish a positive relationship with the student, being sensitive and supportive of their relationships with teachers and other students.
  • Pass on relevant information to the teachers that may be of assistance in caring for the student.
  • Work in ways to ensure that students are not in isolation from peers.
  • Attend classes as per timetable. Some extracurricular activities may be expected by arrangement with the Secondary Student Support Coordinator e.g. camps, excursions etc.
  • Supervise a student in other environments where necessary and observe safety and social interaction.
  • Under teacher instruction, assist students with options such as:

Ø  Re-enforcing new concepts

Ø  Using alternative methods more suitable to the students learning strengths

Ø  Reading instructions

Ø  Note-taking/scribing

Ø  Assisting during tests

Ø  Adapting work to make it suitable

Ø  Withdraw students privately or in small tutorial groups, to work on tasks, at teacher discretion

  • Assist students with organisation skills where applicable, record keeping, homework etc.
  • Offer to prepare work, photocopy, set up activities etc.
  • Assist students with physical and mobility issues around toileting, meals etc.
  • Attending specialist classes with the student e.g OT, Art, PE, Speech etc.
  • Attend Parent Support Meetings or Student Support Group meetings where invited.
  • Consult Secondary Student Support Coordinator regarding the student’s needs and goals to be established.
  • Provide weekly summaries, onto the OneNote file, of sessions attended with the student
  • Write semester summaries for parent meetings.
  • Attend compulsory College Professional Development e.g. First Aid, Mandatory Reporting, Anaphylaxis where required.
  • Attend additional PD related to student needs.
  • Attend staff functions and events where applicable.
  • LSOs are encouraged to see, the Secondary Student Support Coordinator to discuss student progress.
  • Other duties as required.

Boundaries of the role

  • Preparing modified assessments, projects etc. This is the role of the teacher.
  • The situation when the LSO is not required should rarely arise. If the class teacher feels that there is no need for the LSO, he/she should discuss this with the Secondary Student Support Coordinator.
  • LSOs are not responsible for planning programs or assessing student outcomes.
  • The management of the class is the responsibility of the class teacher or Year Level Coordinators
  • LSOs are not expected to supervise students in areas where there are no teachers present, including the classroom.
  • All actions in relations to management/discipline of students should not be undertaken by LSOs.

Desirable Qualifications/Experience:

  • Learning Support qualification highly desirable.
  • Working with Children Check is essential.
  • Understanding of the role of the learning support officers in schools and prior experience in this field would be highly desirable.
  • Familiar with the Disability Standards for Education.

College Expectations:

All staff are expected to:

  • Support the College’s guidelines and policies.
  • Implement the programs, teaching practices and other activities as decided by the College.
  • Perform their responsibilities in a manner which reflects and responds to continuous improvement.
  • Contribute to the efficient and effective functioning of their team/s in order to meet organisational objectives. This includes demonstrating appropriate and professional workplace behaviours, providing assistance to team members if required and undertaking other key responsibilities or activities as directed by one’s supervisor.
  • Perform their responsibilities in a manner which reflects the College’s zero tolerance for child abuse and in accordance with the College’s Child Safety policies.
  • Familiarise themselves and comply with the relevant College policies including Occupational Health and Safety.

Applications to include:

  • Applications which will be received as advertised until Monday, 25 October 2021 and should be marked “2022 Learning Support Officer” sent via email to: employment@donvale.vic.edu.au
  • Including a covering letter
  • Provide a concise curriculum vitae including personal details, church involvement, career experience and academic attainments.
  • Three referees are required to be listed, – included in the three is to be one church reference demonstrating an active faith.

To apply for this job email your details to employment@donvale.vic.edu.au.

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